Gear for Summer-gardening you need to know

QINGFENG LI Posted on 2020-04-19 20:39:08 -0700
Gardening Gardening gloves Gloves
Prepare your Gears for a fresh summer in the garden when everything can go wrong.
Summer! Wonderful Summer!
Summer, here it comes! What a sunshine and juicy season. Enjoy the summer with your friends and family for barbecues or taking that much-needed vacation. Ice cream! Holiday! Sunny! Summer is the best.
But remember, summer is also the season for gardening, too. The warm climate and sunshine allow for plants and flowers to reach their full potential. Although Mother Nature is on your side, it doesn’t hurt to have summer gardening tips in your back pocket.
Here are five summer gardening tools to help you grow your best summer garden yet.

Soil Scoop

Soil Scoop
Take the strain out of digging small holes or filling pots with this ultralight scoop. It holds more soil than a trowel and is easier to manage than a shovel.

Long Garden Gloves

Vgo long cuff Gardening Gloves
Everyone has short gloves, but long ones are really handy when you’re dealing with poison ivy, roses, or English ivy. They’ll keep brambles and dirt off your skin — and it doesn’t hurt that they’re pretty, too.

Chain Saw

Chain Saw
Trim tall shrubs or hard-to-reach branches with minimal effort using this mini chain saw. The poll lets you extend your reach to 10 feet, so you can stand safely away when what you cut falls to the ground.

Auto-Retracting Hose

Auto-Retracting Hose
Make watering easy with this battery-operated automatic reel. Instead of winding up your hose when you’re done with it — a total pain! — push the button on the box and it’ll retract on its own.

Flexible Tub

Flexible Tub
This super-strong plastic carryall — which comes in seven sizes and 14 colors — hauls everything from compost to water.


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